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What certifications should an air conditioning company have?

  • Bear Air Conditioning holds all current certifications to operate in Australia including:
  • Trade licences, public liability insurance, refrigerant handling license, ARCtick certificate. We only use experienced qualified and trusted technicians to carry out our jobs.

What air conditioning tradespeople will turn up to my house?

  • The owner and main technician are present and overseas all job sites.
  • Sometimes fully qualified and trusted air conditioning contractors accompany our main technician for large or commercial air conditioning jobs.

How do you service an air conditioner?

Our friendly air conditioning technician uses an air conditioning service checklist which involves:

  1. Air Conditioner Condenser Coil – Cleaned as required
  2. Air Conditioner Refrigerant Charge
  3. Air Conditioner Controls and Safeties – Inspected and tested
  4. Air Conditioner Relays and Contactors – Inspected and cleaned
  5. Air Conditioner Crankcase Heater – Operationally inspected
  6. Air Conditioner Unit Wiring – Inspected & loose connections tightened
  7. Air Conditioner Temperature and Pressures – Checked
  8. Air Conditioner Capacitors – Tested
  9. Air Conditioner Unit Disconnect – Tested
  10. Air Conditioner Belts and Pulleys – Inspected and adjusted
  11. Air Conditioner Condensate Drain – Checked to assure it is open
  12. Air Conditioner Air Filter – Sanitised and deodorised or replaced
  13. Air Conditioner Voltage and Amp – Draw of the blower motor, compressor & condenser fan motors checked
  14. Air Conditioner Motors – Cleaned and inspected

How does size effect the energy consumption of an air conditioner?

If an air conditioner is too big for your place, it will have short cooling or heating cycles where it will switch on and off, which uses up a lot of energy. If it is too small, it will have to work harder to cool down or warm up the place. Have a professional carry out full heating and cooling load calculations in your home or business to determine whether the air conditioner is the right size before you buy it. Air conditioning and heating system services and maintenance.

Why you choose us

Bear Air Conditioning is a locally owned and run business located in Bateau Bay on the Central Coast. With over 15 years experience in Air Conditioning Sales Service and Installation we can guarantee a personalised experience from our friendly staff.

  • We are fully insured and licenced
  • We offer friendly service
  • We use qualified tradesmen and technicians

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